Imboden Live reader Rocky Chappell of Imboden sent in the following video clips taken at Lake Charles of the water overflow from the flooding.

You can also go to the Imboden Live Youtube Channel if your having problems viewing on the site.

Reader Micheal Dickson submitted several flood photo’s taken in Pocahontas, Arkansas to Imboden Live. He also included the following message “The flood level is 28.3 feet and the all time high was set in 1915 at 27.9. My 5 year old has seen, in her short life, the # 1 and # 3 all time record floods of Black River. If you remember, we had a flood of 26.56 feet in 2008 and everybody said that we would never see that again in our lifetime.”

Included in the gallery are some shots Imboden live took today in Black Rock, Arkansas of the flood waters.

Our thanks to everyone who submitted photo’s and video to us. If you have flood photo’s you have taken and would like to share with our reader’s please submit them to with any information and name to be published in an upcoming article.