Spring is in the air here in the Ozarks. Flowers are in bloom, the weather is warmer, and there are a few more hours of daylight.  Here are a few simple ways to enjoy Springtime and make a few positive changes to your life.

1. Take it outdoors…. Eat your meals outdoors on the patio, relax on a blanket with a book, go camping, fly a kite, go for a nature walk. Take what your doing indoors and move it out in the sunshine!

2.Line dry your clothes.  They will smell wonderful and you might save a few dollars on your electric bill.

3. Feed the ducks at a local pond or lake. Place birdfeeders, birdhouses and a  birdbath out around your home.

4. Eat seasonal foods grown locally. Now is the time to add strawberries, tomato, squash, and other fresh fruits an veggies that we don’t have access to in the winter months to our tables.   Even better plant your own garden or some pepper and tomato plants in large containers on your porch if you don’t have the time to deal with a full garden spot.

5. Plan an outdoor party with friends or family. Warmer weather means it is time to dust off the BBQ grill or have an outdoor tea party with your girlfriends.

6. Spring Clean your home. Indoors and out. Clean out your closets, change your bedspread to a cooler fabric, open some windows, pick up sticks out of your yard , clean your flowerbeds, or do some redecorating. It’s also a good time to plan a garage sale to get rid of unwanted clutter.

7. Plan a field trip. Pick a spot on the map within a few miles, pack a picnic lunch, and go exploring.  There are plenty of places to visit locally like Lake Charles State Park or drive a little further to Mamoth Springs for the day.

8. Get a new you! Springtime is the season for new beginnings so it’s a great time to ditch any bad habits . Make a list with new goals you would like to achieve .Read a self help book or  motivational quotes that might inspire you to make positive changes to your life.