Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was informed by the Sloan Hendrix Administration to a possible forgery.

School officials stated that they had located four checks that had been forged. School officials advised that two checks had been cashed at Citizens Bank in Batesville Arkansas on Feb.24th and two other checks had been cashed on the 25th however copies and amounts of the later two were uncertain.

School officials advised the Sheriff’s Office that the account had been flagged to stop any other forgeries.

The first photocopy check that was believed to be a forgery was made out to a Melvin Malone, 146 Jefferson Ave. Memphis TN 38103 in the amount of $4986.20, the check number was shown to be 522178.

The second photocopy check was made out to Terry L. Smith, 94 E. Fernwood Ave. Memphis TN 38109 in the amount of $3862.90, the check number was shown to be 522184 and also had a hand written DL# and DOB on the check.

School Officials advised the Sheriff’s Office that both check numbers 522178 and 522184 are still in school officials possession and neither have been used.

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