Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a 911 call recieved from the Gaston’s Resort led to the arrest of a Holiday Island, Arkansas man.

A Deputy and an Arkansas State Trooper responded finding a suspect detained by employees. An investigation into the incident revealed that 67 year old James Michael Sloan was moving into the area and had been staying as a guest at the resort. Mr. Sloan was in the bar area and became upset with one of the employees. After being asked to leave, Sloan paid his bill and left for a short time. Upon returning he began arguing and making threats. Sloan head butted and began fighting with the bartender and then pulled a loaded hand gun. A patron at the restaurant heard the commotion and stopped to help. The patron managed to take the gun from Sloan without it being discharged and helped subdue the man until law enforcement arrived.

Sloan was arrest and charged with Aggravated Assualt and Carrying A Weapon. He is being held on $50,000.00 bond in the Baxter County Detention Center according to Sheriff John Montgomery of the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office.