The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Lottery Security Specialist report the arrest in a theft of property case.

Jackie Hare, 38 of Powhatan was arrested after Shelia’s Quick Shop in Lynn reported that an employee had been stealing lottery tickets. Deputies took the report and an investigation was started assisted by the Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Security Specialist. Officers pulled the video from the store that showed Hare taking Lottery tickets and not paying for them.

Records checks of lottery scans and purchases showed inconsistencies. Officers mirandized Hare and questioned her about the lottery tickets, Hare then admitted to officers that she had indeed taken tickets without paying for them, she also stated she “Did not have clue how many she scratched off without paying for them”.

The information along with the records and videos were used to obtain a warrant for Hare. Hare was arrested at her residence and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.