At Friday night’s Lawrence County Rodeo spectators witnessed a serious injury. At around 8:20pm a 20 year old rider from Pine Bluff was entrapped while competing and stomped by a horse according to witnesses. The rider suffered a serious head injury in the accident.

Imboden Volunteer Firemen including Chief Chris Jones who were on the scene and medical units from Medic One and AET Ambulance of Imboden immediately began medical attention.

Chief Jones contacted other firefighters to set up a LZ or Landing Zone for a medical helicopter. The normal landing zone is the field occupied by the fair so firefighters set up a secondary LZ at the vacant lot at the corner of 4th street and Hwy 115. Firemen with the assistance of several deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office closed 4th street for emergency traffic only and set up lights for the helicopter to land.

Air Evac II based in Jonesboro was notified and took flight in route to Imboden. In the meantime Medic One Ambulance Service with the assistance of Emts and Paramedics from AET Ambulance stabilized the victim and transported him from the arena to the LZ.

At 8:57pm the helicopter was spotted by ground personel and landed at 9:02pm. The victim was loaded by fire department members and emergency personnel and Air Evac II lifted off in route to the Elvis Presley Medical Center, a Class 4 Trauma Center located in Memphis at 9:20pm. Imboden Volunteer Fire Department was back in service at that time.

The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department would like to Thank the Lawrence County Sherriff’s Deputies, Lt. Mark VanBrook of the Walnut Ridge Fire Department and Gary Collins Jr. with the Ravenden Volunteer Fire Department for their additional help as well as Medic One and AET Ambulance Service.

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