Do you feel like Pig-N-Out? Think So? Well so did Trevor Anderson of Imboden, Friday night he was the first victim of the “Boss Hog” sandwich. Now Trevor is no beginner at competitive eating, he told ImbodenLive he was was once in a pizza eating contest in St.Louis where you and a partner had to eat 12 lbs of pizza, guess what? Trevor finished his half!

But Friday night was an epic battle of Man Vs. Food. Trevor sat down at the table and his opponent was delivered by Keith Wilson.

The Boss Hog is a special meal consisting of a 4 1/2 lb BBQ sandwich made with a custom bun, a pound of baked beans and a pound of fries making it over a whopping 6 1/2 lbs. Of course you’ll need a cold drink and some of Keith and Carrie’s Homemade Sauce. Oh, and if you can eat it in less than 45 minutes, Keith and Carrie will buy your dinner!

Taking over 4 hours to prepare means if your feeling a little hungry, call ahead for this one. Trevor Anderson was a great sport and when the battle was over he still had a little over 2 lbs left on his plate. But, Trevor told ImbodenLive that he was gonna be back for a second attempt, just not soon!

If you want to try the Boss Hog Challenge just call Pig-N-Out four hours ahead to give them time to make this huge meal. The rules are as follows for the Boss Hog Challenge
4 1/2 pound BBQ sandwich served with pound of curly fries and a pint of baked bean.
You must finish the entire dinner in 45 minutes
No bathroom breaks
You win it’s FREE!
You lose it’s $25.00

We want to thank Keith, Carrie and entire Pig-N-Out Crew for hosting this great contest. The packed crowd Friday night saw a great show, Trevor and the Boss Hog were a sight to see.

Also Pig-N-Out announces the winners of the “Free Rodeo Tickets Contest”, the winners are as follows: Amanda Haynes, Angela Perrin, Darla Miles, Justin Wicker, John McGlothlin, Andrew Young, Natalie Kingery, Kenny Stephens, Khris Wells, Ben Brightwell, Ann Sutton and Micheal Henderson.