August 9th The Ravenden Police Department, Third Judicial Drug Task Force and Arkansas State Police C.I.D. executed a search warrant at approximately 6:51pm at the residence or Wendy Halfacre in Ravenden.

Chief McComas of the Ravenden Police Department stated that during the search of the residence, officers discovered a red phosphorus meth lab. Also discovered by officers were several other items to manufacture methamphetamines as well as marijuana in the residence.

A Hazmat Clean Up Crew was called from Little Rock by officers for the clean-up of the drug matter in the residence.

Halfacre was currently out on bond for previous drug/manufacturing charges stemming from a prior search warrant of her residence in Ravenden.

Wendy Sue Halfacre, 36 of Ravenden was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Jail. She is charge with Manufacturing Methamphetamine, a Class Y felony, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with intent to manufacture, a Class B felony, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with intent to Use, a Class C felony as well as Possession of Marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor.