Just after 10pm the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office notified the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office of a Felony Pursuit on Hwy 62 heading towards Imboden.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police converged on the Imboden Area. At 10:15pm the vehicle, a gray colored Geo Tracker 4-door crossed the Spring River Bridge at speeds in excess of 80 mph followed by the Randolph Sheriff’s deputies. The vehicle turned north on Hwy63 nearly wrecking at the intersection of 62 and 63. The vehicle continued through Imboden at a high rate of speed and turned on Hwy 115 towards Smithville.

An Imboden Fireman reported the vehicle coming through Anneville at a high rate of speed to the Lawrence County Dispatch Center who then relayed the information to the pursuing officers from both Randolph and Lawrence Counties. Once through the Smithville area the vehicle had placed distance between himself and the Randolph County Deputy.

From Smithville the vehicle continued through the Jesup area at a high rate of speed. Soon the fleeing suspect was caught up to by Lawrence County Deputies who were converging from all over the county. The Lawrence County Deputies followed the fleeing suspect at speeds of 80 to 100 mph. The chase continued through Strawberry toward Saffell on Hwy 25.

Lawrence County Dispatch Center advised Independence County of the pursuit coming toward their county. Independence County had officers stationed at Cord with “Stop Sticks” to disable the vehicle.

Before the chase could reach Cord the suspect turned onto Lower Lockhart Road in an effort to evade the Lawrence, Randolph and Independence Officers.

The pursuit ended on Lower Lockhart Road in Independence County with the suspect losing control of his vehicle and wrecking. Lawrence County Deputies were first on the scene and found the suspect unconscious. The suspect was transported by Independence County EMS and his condition was unknown. No deputies were involved in the wreck and no other injuries were reported.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office stated that the suspect was a felony suspect who not only was being charged with felony fleeing but allegedly also tried to run over an officer in Randolph County.