It’s called “Geocaching”, it’s described as a high-tech treasure hunting game. This game is played worldwide, even here in Imboden.

The basic idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches using a GPS device. These are hidden by others and submitted to the Geocaching website for others to find.

For the traditional geocache, a geocacher will place a waterproof container containing a log book (with pen or pencil) and trade items then record the cache’s coordinates. These coordinates, along with other details of the location, are posted on a listing site (like Other geocachers obtain the coordinates from that listing site and seek out the cache using their GPS handheld receivers. The finding geocachers record their exploits in the logbook and online. Geocachers are free to take objects (except the logbook, pencil, or stamp) from the cache in exchange for leaving something of similar or higher value. Some examples of objects left are coins, small toys, keychains, books, or cds. The containers need to be waterproof and vary in sizes.

This game is enjoyed by people of all ages and is an inexpensive hobby. The Offical Website for the game is www.GeoCaching.Com .
You can also find some basic information at

A search of the 72434 Zip Code came up with 153 caches in the Imboden area ranging from the Bobbie Jean Library to Old Jackson, so give it a try and tell us what you think.