Cleaning day around the house may not be the most fun that you have ever had but it has to be done. So why not make it as painless as possible by enlisting some help or adding in some of the following tips to hurry the process along.
* Make a list – This is my favorite tip because I am the ultimate list maker. Writing down what needs to be done not only keeps me on track but if I happen to get some help from the kids it’s a good way to assign jobs. Someone may not mind dusting but hate to mop the floors so it’s a helpful way to divide up the jobs that need to be done.
* Enlist some help- Kids, spouse, friends (if you don’t mind returning the favor later on)
* Turn on some music- Turning on my playlist of favorite tunes helps pass the time. If you have the entire family helping let each person pick their own cd of favorites to add and then vote on the best/worst clean-up music.
*Gather supplies before the day arrives. Trying to run to the store for things that come up can ruin momentum. Careful planning will allow you to have everything you need on location when the day arrives.
*Have snacks and drinks on hand for break times.-Breaks can help keep the whole family motivated. Taking a few moments to catch your breath can gear you up for the next job.
*Plan a reward for when the job is finished- Take the family out to a movie and dinner. Or if you are all too tired from your hard work, order a pizza and rent a movie. You’ll all be able to lounge on the couch basking in the knowledge of a job well done. If you have to tackle the job by yourself then reward yourself with a beauty day or tanning session.