Before I became a Mother…
I had no idea what unconditional love really was.
I didn’t realized naps were so important. Not only for small children but also moms who haven’t had a full nights sleep in weeks.
I did not ask for extra napkins or gender specific happy meal toys in the drive through.
I never cried just because I was so happy.
I never crawled around on the floor growling and pretending to bite toes just to make a toddler laugh.
I had never recieved a crayon drawn card or realized that I would treasure tiny bits of paper that say I love you Mommy.
I didn’t look to see if a movie was rated Pg or Pg-13.
I never knew that watching a child sleep could be more interesting than any other part of my day.
I danced and sang along with Madonna instead of the “Wiggles”.
I didn’t really believe in love at first sight.
I had never bribed anyone with cheerios or m&m’s.
I did not think that a child’s cough or a baby rolling over at night could wake me from a sound sleep.
My purse wasn’t the home of matchbox cars or wet wipes.
I could never have imagined that a teenager driving a mile to the post office would cause me great anxiety.
I did not know that a tiny hand holding onto one of my fingers could bring me to tears.
I never knew that I would want to change the entire path of my life to accommodate a child.
I had never reminded anyone to brush their teeth, do their homework, eat their veggies, don’t be late, or fasten their seatbelt.
I never knew how fast time flies by.
I did not know that an eight year old could make me laugh longer than any stand up comedian.
I never felt so trusted, needed, or important.
I didn’t know a simple hug could turn my whole day around.
I didn’t know becoming a mother would be the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

Hoping all the Mama’s & Mama’s to be have a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday.