Just a few of life’s simple daily pleasures….

1. Sunshine!
2. A long walk that clears your head
3. Old friends… and new friends
4. An afternoon nap
5. Finding a couple of forgotten dollars in your pocket
6. Random acts of kindness
7. Singing in the car with the windows rolled down.
8. Great Stories
9. Soft white freshly laundered sheets on the bed.
10. A spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar
11. Finding the perfect top…on sale
12. Curtains blowing in the breeze.
13. Baby smiles
14. Ordering dinner to go.
15. Fresh flowers on the table
16. Jergen’s lotion
17. Looking through old photographs
18. The smell of rolls baking in the oven.
19. Watching TV in bed at midnight.
20. Staying home all day in pajamas.

What are some of yours?