ImbodenLive has received several e-mails and comments concerning the City of Imboden Dog Ordinance. So to help bring some explanation of the current dog laws within the city we asked the city officials for a copy of the ordinance.

A couple of points that the city would like to clear up are as follows:

There is no leash law in the City of Imboden

There is also no “Barking Dog” law in the City of Imboden

The Ordinance 2004-5 known as the Ordinance for Dog Control is as follows:

Section 1. It is not practical for the Town of Imboden to have a leash law; however, it is recognized that unclaimed dogs are a public nuisance.

Section 2. It is proposed that the following steps be taken to help control the problem of unclaimed dogs.

(i) Effective Oct.1, 2004 all dogs of weaning age that are not penned up or house dogs, in other words dogs that run free within the city limits of the Town of Imboden must have the following:
(1) A collar showing name and phone number of owner
(2) Each owner shall pay on or before that date pay a $10.00 fee for registration of each dog that will be running loose.
(3) Proof of current rabies vaccination (with one year) is required before registration is accepted
(4) Dogs may be registered by calling 870-869-2090
(ii) Master list of registered dogs will be maintained by city recorder

Section 3. On a periodic basis an animal control officer will be in Imboden to check the registration on the collar of dogs running loose. If they do not have a Town of Imboden registration on the collar the dogs will be taken to a dog pound and maintaining according to the policy of city that furnishes the animal control officer.

Section 4. The health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of Imboden are immediately affected by this ordinance and consequently an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall be effect from and after its passage.
Dated this 15th Day of September, 2004

Signed Gene Dearen, Mayor

Rebecca Jones/Recorder/Treasurer

A copy of this ordinance will also be posted on The City of Imboden website.