The Imboden City Park was vandalized once again this week. Picnic tables were overturned, some of the children’s playground equipment was broken, and two trees that were recently planted were snapped in half.
Our park is maintained by the city employees and enjoyed by many here in Imboden. With warm weather and sunny days approaching the park will see even more use. Keeping our City Park beautiful and free of vandalism should be of concern to all citizens.
Why is it important to stop vandalism? If you think vandalism isn’t your
problem, think again. Vandalism destroys what YOUR tax dollars have
created. Damaging public property through vandalism is both cowardly and uncool. Vandals are breaking the law.
The City of Imboden and it’s residents are understandably upset over not only the aggrevation of cleaning up these incidents and costs involved but the total disrespect in the breaking of the Arbor day trees that the Forestry Commission and City just planted this week.
Park visitors and neighbors are encouraged to report incidents of vandalism as well as any leads they may have to help catch the perpetrators. Contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept. to report any vandalism you see taking place. For tips or lead you may have you can also contact the IVFD at 869-2996, Terry Smith at 844-0005 or if you would like to remain anonymous email