Tuesday Jan.26th The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department is in a race against time to complete the new Rescue 4 truck with threats of snow and ice later in the week.

Chief Chris Jones stated that with the weather threatening he at least wanted this truck in service even if not 100% complete. Today Chief Jones and Lt. Billy Powell of BJ’s Machining mated the service bed and the new cab and chasis. Along with changing the beds of the trucks there were also modifications done to the bed to better house the heavy rescue tools for the department, this was in the plans even before the new truck was purchased. The addition of this side box helps the firemen retrieve the rescue tools faster in an emergency situation.

The original schedule was to have this truck in service by Friday, but with threats of weather the rush was on. This truck is the most important of the fleet when it comes to automobile wrecks and clearing of limbs and debris. It houses the auto extracations tools, holds water for fires, contains lights for scene lighting as well as carries chainsaws and an aray of hand tools.

Once completed www.imbodenlive.com will have a complete set of photos and a final wrap up of this project.