A look at the forecast for the next few days tells us all that we should get ready for a brutal cold spell. Temperatures are not expected to get above freezing for the next several days. With snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday and low temperatures of 9 and 4 degrees predicted for the end of the week we should be reminded of a few extra things.

1.) Be sure to check up on elderly people or even just people who live alone.

2.) If we do have snow or ice don’t get out in it unless you must. Wrecks and falls are more likely to happen.

3.) Remember your pets and the pets of others in these colder than normal tempatures. Keep pets indoors or if you must leave them out make sure their water remains unfrozen and they have shelter.

4.) Let your car warm up an extra few minutes.

5.) Check your antifreeze in your vehicles.

6.) Disconnect garden hoses from your house, even if you have “frost-proof” type hydrants.

7.) Check your propane tank if you have one to make sure you have plenty of propane.

8.) In case of power outages make sure you have candles, bottled water etc. (if your house is all electric or your heating system requires electricity, go stay with friends or family until the power is restored. Do not risk staying in a cold home.

9.) If you have a generator, start it up, check fluids etc.

10.) Do not operate un-safe heaters indoors, this is very dangerous and could result in death. Always use heaters that are approved for indoor use.

If we all take a few extra minutes to prepare for these types of weather events they will pass before we know it. Remember, if you need help or know someone who does feel free to ask. Our community, Fire Department, Churches, etc. are always willing to help.

In case of bad weather, check back with ImbodenLive for updates and also read the city of Imboden website www.imbodenarkansas.com for alerts concerning Imboden.