The City of Imboden and are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the City of Imboden’s first official website.
The website was an idea which originated in a conversation at a recent fire department meeting by Chief Chris Jones. After a round table type discussion with everyone in agreement that the city would like to place a site containing not only current
information about our town but history as well, this matter was brought before the city council and approved.

We invite you to browse the site as often as you like, please feel free to click on the banner to the right of the page and enjoy the wonderful photos we have collected in a short time. The website includes water department information , city contact information, City Council information and a calendar of events. Updates will be posted as they arrive. So please look around and enjoy would like to thank the following people for their input, efforts, and sharing that not only made this possible but warmed our hearts with stories and photos of our wonderful
town. Thank you Chief Chris Jones for your support and getting the “ball rolling”, thank you to Assistant Chief Jim Jones for some great stories and your devotion to preserving the history of our fire department, thank you to Assistant Chief Steve Jones for your outstanding input to the site as well as putting up with all of our e-mails. Thanks to Capt. Joe Chappell, Capt. Rick Benson, and Larry Mcleod of the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department for their input into the Fire Department history. Thanks to our wonderful Mayor Gene Dearen for his support of this site. We have had alot of fun getting this up and running.

The City of Imboden website is a work in progress, we will have many new additions coming very soon and more photos too. Please add it to your favorites and check back often.

As always, we would like our reader’s input into the website. If you have historic photos or memories that you would like to share please e-mail us at

Once again we are so proud to have had the opportunity to do this, we have a great town filled with wonderful people. We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and thanks again for the support you have shown us.

Buddy & Lisa Williams