Halloween is no exception when it comes to great holiday traditions. From making candy apples, decorating the lawn with spooky decorations, kicking through piles of fallen leaves, carving a pumpkin, or dressing up to go trick or treating.
A fun Halloween indoor activity can be as simple as sitting down with a bowl of popcorn in front of the television to enjoy really scary movie, seasonal show, or a classic Halloween cartoon with your family. Here is a listing of some of my favorite Halloween tv showings for 2009 that you might like. My top picks are The Shining, Carrie,It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown, and Poltergeist. What are some of yours?

Sunday October 25-
Goonies- ABC Family- 11:30
The Haunted History of Halloween- History Channel-TV-PG-6:00pm
The Shining- AMC- R- 6:30pm
Beetlejuice-ABC Family- 9:00 pm

Monday October 26-
Wheel of Fortune ‘Halloween Week’- ABC -TV-G-6:30pm

Tuesday October 27-
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- ABC -1 Hour -TV-G -7:00pm
Poltergeist-TMC- 7:00pm

Wednesday October 28-
Hocus Pocus-ABC Family- 7:00pm

Thursday October 29
Scooby Doo-ABC Family- 6:00pm

Friday October 30
The House on Haunted Hill- AMC-11:30am
Return to the House on Haunted Hill- AMC-1:30pm
Young Frankenstein-AMC-8:00 pm

Saturday October 31-
The Addams Family Marathon-WGN- 3:00pm-11:00pm
Night of the Living Dead-AMC- R- 6:00 pm
Carrie- ENC- R-8:00pm
Halloween- AMC- TV-R- 12:00 p.m.
Silence of the Lambs- BIO- R- 12:00 pm
Halloweentown-Disney-tv-g- 12:00pm