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  • Our Heroes Never Die

    Our Heroes Never Die

    In today’s world movie stars are ranked by what they make or how many Oscars they win, but not that many years ago we rated our movie stars more by what they stood for than what they made. One thing we lack in today’s world […]

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  • Cleaning with Vinegar

    Cleaning with Vinegar

    If you have started spring cleaning  and run short on cleaning supplies you might try using vinegar. Vinegar is not only a cheap way to clean items around the house but it is also one of the best cleaning solutions I have found.Here are five ways to […]

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  • Small Town History ~ Imboden, Arkansas

    Small Town History ~ Imboden, Arkansas

    A recent historic photo submitted to the City of Imboden website peaked my curiousity and really got my wheels turning about the history of our small town. I didn’t know what year the photo was taken. Why there are small crowds of people gathered here […]

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  • Enjoy the Snow Days

    Enjoy the Snow Days

    Snow days don’t have to be just free days for the kids. It’s nice to take a break and enjoy the snow if your a grown up too. While it’s rare for Northeast Arkansas to have a foot of snow at one time we may […]

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  • Did the Bailout Help You?

    Did the Bailout Help You?

    Did The Bailout Help You? I really did not know how to title this article, so I decided to just ask this question. Did the bailout help you? I guess here in Northeast Arkansas in some way or the other it did help us, although […]

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  • Directv & Versus

    Directv & Versus

    Noticed anything different about your Direct TV service, in particular Channel 603? Well, it’s gone and has been for weeks now. I would think this would go un-noticed by most but if you are a fan of the NHL or the PBR then I am […]

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