Noticed anything different about your Direct TV service, in particular Channel 603? Well, it’s gone and has been for weeks now. I would think this would go un-noticed by most but if you are a fan of the NHL or the PBR then I am sure you’ve noticed. This is where the plot thickens, so to say. Direct TV says that Versus, who is owned by Comcast Cable, has increased it’s price and they (Direct TV) don’t want to have to pass is on to their customers in these quote “difficult economic times” end quote. But, and theres always a but, Comcast say’s it’s Direct TV who is demanding to “name there own price” in which they will pay that has broken down relations between the two. Comcast went on to say that they even offered to allow Direct TV to show NHL games on Versus at no charge until this was worked out. Direct TV has decided not to do this, and ended there broadcast of Versus before the contract was expired. Comcast claims this was a “strong-arm” effort to force Comcast into negotiations by ending Direct TV channel 603 to it’s 18 million or so subscribers. Direct TV considers Comcast it’s largest competitor and says so on it’s website as well as channel 603. They also use words like “demanding, unfair and outrageous” to describe the fees, but if you call and ask how much the increase was, you will not get an answer. Now I pay for the NHL Center Ice which is 149.00 as well as the sports package that is 12.00 per month plus the Top 150,HBO, and 6 extra Networks along with the HD Package for a grand total of 180.00 a month for Direct TV Service, so if these people are arguing over a nickel or a dime or a quarter then I must admit, I don’t like it. I do know this, when you have two sides with two completely different stories, then it’s like my mom says “Somebody is Lying”. I spoke with Direct TV concerning the NHL Games I would be missing and they immediatly started offering refunds and free servives to offset my loss without me having to ask. I urge you to call them if you pay for the Center Ice Package and have not been offered some sort of discount for the loss of service.

Reader Submission- Clayton Williams