The St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass located at Imboden is a pony and deck truss bridge built in Imboden in 1937.

Known locally as the Hwy. 62 bridge, it carries US-62 and AR-115 over the Spring River and the former San Francisco Railroad (formerly the “Frisco”, now BBSF).

The St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass at Imboden is 1,049.9 feet, the bridge has three Pratt deck trusses, each 112 feet in length, and three Parker pony trusses, also 112 feet long, with the balance of the bridge length in steel girder truss spans. The bridge is 24 feet wide.

The completion of the span was possibly one of the most celebrated events in the history of Imboden. The Mayor of the time J. W. Jean called for all businesses to close between noon and 4:00 pm on the day of celebration upon the bridges completion.

Area families often used the bridge trusses as a backdrop to their family photo’s in earlier times.

Thelma and Don McLeod
Donna Henrietta McLeod Hill, ( daughter of Don and Thelma McLeod) Carolyn McLeod McGinnis, Bill McLeod, And baby Larry McLeod. ( children of K.D. And Myrtle McLeod)