The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a rural Mountain Home man, 39 year old CHARLES MATTHEW FRANKS (also known as SIR CHARLES MATTHEW FRANCKE) on multiple charges following a brief vehicle pursuit and foot chase this morning.
     At approximately 10:12 AM, Sheriff’s Deputy Tanner Anderson was driving on Baxter CR 25 when he met a motorcycle approaching him at high speed.  He obtained a radar lock indicating the motorcycle’s speed to be 70 miles per hour.  Once the motorcycle passed by, Deputy Anderson turned around and attempted to overtake the motorcycle to conduct a stop for the traffic violation.  With Deputy Anderson following, the operator of the motorcycle increased speed to approximately 90 miles per hour heading East.  The motorcycle operator failed to stop for the stop sign at the intersection of Baxter CR 25 and Baxter CR 27 and briefly went airborne.  The pursuit continued, with the motorcycle operator driving onto private property at 407 CR 25, where he lost control of the motorcycle.  The motorcycle was a 2006 Suzuki.  The operator then fled on foot with Deputy Anderson chasing.  Another deputy arrived to assist and moved to intercept the fleeing suspect.  A TASER device was deployed against the fleeing suspect to assist in his apprehension.  The use of the device was successful, and the suspect was then taken into custody by deputies.  The suspect was identified as CHARLES MATTHEW FRANKS, who also calls himself SIR CHARLES MATTHEW FRANCKE.  He was found to be on active supervision with the Arkansas Division of Community Corrections (ACC).

     A search of the suspect and the area was conducted.  In the area of the foot chase, deputies located a black satchel bag that had been thrown on the roof of a side building.  The deputy was able to get the bag off the roof.  Inside the bag was a quantity of numerous pills, syringes, methamphetamine, psilocybin mushrooms, a scale, and a large quantity of cash.   When inventoried for evidence, this amounted to seizures of:
$12,990 U. S. Currency
141 oxycodone pills
14 roxicodine pills
66 fentanyl capsules
17.38 grams of psilocybin mushrooms
59.4 grams of methamphetamine

The suspect was first taken to Baxter Health for the removal of a TASER probe, and then subsequently transported to the Baxter County Detention Center. He was booked pending the filing of charges, which will include Felony Fleeing by Vehicle, Misdemeanor Fleeing on Foot, and Misdemeanor charges of Reckless Driving and Resisting Arrest. He will also face multiple felony drug and drug paraphernalia charges that are still to be determined.
The suspect is being held in the Detention Center without bond at this time for violating the provisions of his supervised release with ACC.