On August 19th, Arkansas bowfisherman Joshua Wood was able to seal the deal and fill his 2023 Alligator Gar Trophy Tag. The beast weighed in at 94 pounds and measured a whopping five feet nine inches from snout to tail!

Wood was archery fishing Pool 2 of the Arkansas River late Saturday night when he spotted the trophy Alligator Gar in shallow water near shore.

After connecting with the gar, a battle ensued, and Wood came out victorious after wrangling the monster of a fish into the boat.

Alligator Gar are the largest species of fish in Arkansas, potentially growing up to 8 feet long and 300 pounds! The limit for Alligator Gar under 36 inches is one per person per day. An Alligator Gar Trophy Tag is required to harvest Alligator Gar over 36 inches.

Fishing license holders can apply for one of 100 Alligator Gar Trophy Tags from Nov. 1 – Dec. 31st.