Sharp County Law Enforcement arrested a suspect that allegedly abducted a child.

Sharp County officials say a child was abducted in Mammoth Spring on Saturday around 10 a.m.

Law enforcement found the suspects vehicle after a search near Hardy.

Hardy police and Sharp County Sheriff’s deputies approached the vehicle and found two suspects inside, one of them holding the missing baby.

The child was safely removed from the car by officers.

Authorities say the suspects then drove off toward Ozark Acres where the Arkansas State Police initiated a Tactical Vehicle Intervention.

The suspects fled from the vehicle and were involved in an armed standoff for 45-minutes with law enforcement.

Officers persuaded the driver to unarm himself and turn himself in.

Authorities say the second suspect was not pursued by law enforcement as they were “not a danger to the public”.

No injuries were reported during the incident, the identities were not released by authorities.