Micheal Seth Woodson, age 37 of Walnut Ridge has been arrested and charged with numerous counts involving sexuality explicit conduct involving minors.

Walnut Ridge Police investigators stated in court documents that Woodson was having inappropriate conversations with a female minor, even going as far as sending money to the juvenile in exchange for illicit photos. Woodson also sent the juvenile photos and videos of himself.

A warrant issued for Woodson’s Snap Chat account also showed additional videos and photos of an underage victim according to court documents.

Woodson was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Engaging A Child In Sexually Explicit Conduct, Pandering Or Possessing Medium Depicting Sexual Conduct With A Child.

A No Contact Order has also been put into place and a $25,000 bail has been set, Woodson shows to still be incarcerated in the Lawrence County Detention Center.

Sources say there may be more victims, if you have any further information you are urged to contact the Walnut Ridge Police Department at 870-886-2525