Authorities say public defender was arrested allegedly attacking one of his clients.

Calvin Harrell, the Sharp County Public Defender is charged with second-degree battery.

An affidavit filed in Sharp County on May 16th states that on April 24, Cherokee Village Police Department was called to a residence on Opalochee Drive about a domestic disturbance.

Police reported the front door of the residence had been damaged, as well as furniture in the home.

A victim inside the home claimed that Harrell had visited the residence to discuss a warrant. Harrell became angry and allegedly struck the victim several times.

The female victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Harrell left the scene before authorities arrived but was later found by authorities at his law firm.

Harrell claimed the female victim attempted to smoke meth from a pipe in front of him, then allegedly began to attack him.

Harrell’s knuckles were “raw” and had scratched on his right forearm according to reports, the victim suffered a concussion, a broken left arm, a broken finger, and a broken rib.

A warrant was issued for Harrell for felony second-degree domestic battery.

Several judges including Judges Huff, Weeks, and Ratton have recused themself from the case.

A request for a special judge was sent to the Arkansas Office of the Courts on May 16th.