Authorities are reporting that a Mountain View man has been charged with failure to comply with registration and reporting requirements.

On May 13, 2019, Brandon Clay Mills, age 22, was found guilty of second-degree sexual assault and placed on parole.

Mills was to inform parole officials of a change in residence, employment, or social status.

Mills signed the Sex Offender Acknowledgement Form, which informed Mills of his obligation to inform State of Arkansas parole officers of his whereabouts and social status at all times.

Authorities say Mills then went to work at the Circle K store in Mountain View on Nov. 30th 2022, and failed to notify his Sex Offender Registration Officer as required under the law.

Mills was asked why he didn’t report that he had a job as well as a cell phone to his parole officer, Mills stated “I forgot.”

Mills was arrested and taken to the Stone County Detention Center.

Mills is charged as a habitual offender with bond set at $25,000.