Since March of 2022, there have been at least 12 dispatch calls to the Links apartment complex in reference to someone prowling around their windows and removing their screen. In at least 5 of those calls, a black male has entered their apartment through a window or an unlocked front door.

On 6/6/22, Jonesboro Police were dispatched to The Links in reference to a sexual assault. The victim stated that she was in bed asleep when a younger black male wearing a yellow hoodie with Tennessee on it woke her up. He was shining a light in her face with a flip phone. He then got into bed with her and started kissing her. The victim attempted to call 911 and the suspect canceled the call. The suspect continued to become more inappropriate with the victim including getting undressed. The suspect then left the apartment and the victim successfully called 911 and advised that a black male had been in her apartment and came in through her window.

On 6/15/22 police were dispatch to The Links in reference to a similar assault. The victim advised that she was asleep in bed when a younger black male wearing a yellow hoodie with Tennessee on it woke her up. The description she gave of the suspect matched the description that the previous victim gave. The victim spoke with the suspect for approximately 15 minutes and kept requesting sexual favors from her. The suspect then got undressed and continued to request sexual favors. The victim kept refusing until the suspect left.

On 7/5/22, a subject from the Links called dispatch and advised that a young black male followed her into her apartment while she was walking inside. The suspect was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and advised his name was “Mark.” A short time later, another caller advised that a black male in a white and blue striped shirt just ran out of their apartment and behind their building. A short time later, dispatch received another call advising that a black male in a blue and white striped shirt had entered their front door, saw their child, and left in an unknown direction.

Officers arrived on scene around midnight and located the suspect hiding in a bush.

Upon making contact, the suspect ran from officers. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was placed into custody and identified as Ja’markis Deshawn Northern. A blue and white striped shirt was located in the path of the pursuit. One of the residents of the apartments he entered later identified him. During the interview with Northern, he admitted to having contact with the original victim from 6/6/22 and gave details only the suspect would know. A probation search was completed where Northern keeps his clothes and items. A flip phone was located in his property.

Northern is currently being held at the Craighead County Detention Center. Judge Boling ordered a $250,000 bond and an ankle monitor.

Great work to the patrol officers and detectives who worked so diligently to close these cases!