Michelle Sheets has officially announced her candidacy for Lawrence County Clerk. She has been working in the Lawrence County Clerk’s office for 7 years and is currently the probate and election clerk. Sheets has worked as the accounts payable clerk, has filled in as the payroll clerk when needed, and subbed as the quorum court secretary for the current Lawrence County Clerk.

Sheets has regularly attended quarterly extended education meetings for County Clerks held in Little Rock for the past 2 years in preparation for being elected to this office. Sheets has been the election clerk through numerous elections. She has been the main point of contact for big elections such as the federal 2020 presidential election and various school and city elections.

Sheets has been married to her husband, Bret Sheets, for the past 23 years. Together they have two children Dylan 19, and Lydia 15. The Sheets are lifelong residents of Lawrence County and love their community.
Sheets’ husband currently holds a seat on the Walnut Ridge city council and Sheets is hoping to fill the seat of the Lawrence County Clerk so that she can continue to give back to her community. She asks that you remember to vote for Michelle Sheets, the candidate with experience, in the upcoming May election. Sheets appreciates your support.