A Gamaliel area man, 32 year old JOSHUA J. MANNELLA, was booked into the Baxter County Detention Center on Friday, February 11th, on multiple charges after he was arrested when deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at 4333 Hwy 101 North.
At approximately 4:25 PM on February 11th, deputies were dispatched to that address for a disturbance involving an unruly male. Deputies had responded to this same address a number of times in the past on disturbance-type calls.
Upon the arrival of Deputy Justin Haight, he observed a man standing outside the residence. When this man saw the deputy, he jumped inside a broken-down red car and refused to talk with the deputy. This man was identified as JOSHUA J. MANNELLA. Deputy Haight then made contact with the female caller, who was identified as MANNELLA’S mother. She advised that JOSHUA MANNELLA was acting out of control and possibly under the influence of methamphetamine. She also alleged he had threatened to harm her with a piece of broken furniture and had caused damage inside the residence.
Deputy Haight then returned to the vehicle that JOSHUA MANNELLA was inside of and talked him into stepping out of the vehicle so they could communicate about what had happened. A second deputy then arrived on scene to assist. After conferring further with the mother and observing evidence of damage and destruction inside the residence, Deputy Haight told JOSHUA MANNELLA that he was under arrest.
At this point MANNELLA fled back to the vehicle he had previously been sitting in and locked the doors. Deputy Haight ordered MANNELLA to come out, but he refused. After several warnings to exit, Deputy Haight broke the window glass of the vehicle and attempted to remove MANNELLA. MANNELLA resisted and struggled with deputies. During the scuffle, Deputy Haight’s sustained a laceration on his hand from the broken glass. When a TASER was brandished, MANNELLA discontinued resisting and was taken into custody. Deputy Haight was treated on scene by Baxter Regional Medical Center EMS personnel, and he later went to Baxter Regional ER for further evaluation of his injury. MANNELLA complained of possible glass in his eyes, but he refused medical treatment.
JOSHUA MANNELLA was subsequently transported to the Baxter County Detention Center. Upon arrival at the jail, the transporting deputy found approximately 1.2 grams of suspected methamphetamine, a meth pipe, and other items in the area of the vehicle occupied by MANNELLA.
At the Detention Center, JOSHUA MANNELLA was booked on charges of:
Aggravated Assault on Family or Household Member – FelonyBattery in the Second Degree – FelonyPossession of Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) – FelonyPossession of Drug Paraphernalia – FelonyCriminal Mischief in the First Degree – MisdemeanorFleeing – MisdemeanorResisting Arrest – Misdemeanor
MANNELLA remains in custody in lieu of $25,000 bond and will appear before the Circuit Court to answer later this month.