“Very Little Good News In Today’s Numbers” Was Governor Hutchinson’s Message On Tuesday

Governor Hutchinson today delivered a strong warning to residents in Arkansas concerning COVID-19 cases and the recent rise across the state. “The numbers are not good, the trend is not good and Arkansas has a lot of work to do” says the governor.

Today an additional 1424 cases were announced along with 4 deaths in his weekly news conference. Hospitalizations increased by 24 to 810 statewide. Patients on ventilators increased by 11 to 124 currently.

There were 20 counties reporting more than 20 new cases on Tuesday with 3 of those reporting more than 100 new cases. Nearly 100,000 Arkansas residents have been tested this month.

The governor stated today’s numbers do not reflect an additional outbreak reported in the Benton County Jail, some 256 positive cases have been found in that facility.

Currently there are 10,105 active cases in the state of Arkansas. ADH officials are pointing out the current rise as a direct result of the recent Halloween holiday and are strongly warning citizens about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday gatherings. The ADH also contributes new cases and rising death tolls to the relaxing of restrictions on nursing facilities.

Northeast Arkansas shows to have a record number of cases and the highest growth rate in the state at 9.7%.

The governor also spent a large proportion of his news briefing concentrating on places of worship and reminding residents of the guidelines the state has produced to assist churches with safe worship practices.

The ADH also released a new map showing outbreaks by county in places of worship.