According to reports a Pulaski County judge has ordered a stop to the release of investigation files into the murder of former Sen. Linda Collins on Tuesday. The Judge agreed to a request from the family of Collins after concerns that private information would be released.

Linda Collins’ two children and ex-husband filed suit on Monday seeking an injunction halting the release of information , which have been requested by several news groups.

Judge Cathleen Compton signed the order late Tuesday.
The order stated that she will set a hearing within the next two weeks. According to reports Linda Collins’ family has requested that no investigation files be released until they are reviewed by the judge in private determining which materials relevant to the investigation should or should not be released.

Rebecca O’Donnell plead guilty to killing the former senator and received a 50 year prison sentence.

Arkansas State Police gained access to Collins’ phone, social media accounts and obtained footage from her home security system that showed O’Donnell standing in her home holding a knife with blood on her hands according to records. Investigators also requested the phones of Collins’ children which were voluntarily turned over along with a personal computer of Collins’ ex-husband according to the lawsuit.

The family is concerned that personal records irrelevant to the investigation are included in investigation files.

Judge Compton’s order blocks both Arkansas State Police and the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office from releasing any other files.