Details are still coming in at this time, we have been contacted by family stating the body of the missing Lawrence County Woman, Kelsey Brooks Joslin was discovered today on the property of her residence near Alicia.

Authorities are still conducting their investigation, unconfirmed reports state that Jaylane Joslin has been detained by law enforcement. Kelsey was last seen on Saturday according to family. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies were at the residence for several hours on Sunday night attempting to locate Kelsey and interviewing Jaylane Joslin.

Today numerous social media post were made in a plea for help locating the missing woman and plans were being made for a volunteer search before word began circulating that the young mother’s body was discovered.

We received several reports this evening reporting Sheriff’s Deputies and the Lawrence County Coroner being spotted back on the property.

No official details including cause of death have been released at this time. Formal charges in the incident have not been released by sheriff’s investigators concerning Jaylane Joslin as of the time of this articles release.

We will continue to update this as information becomes available.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends for this tragic loss.