New details are emerging about suspect Hunter Carlstrom of Lynn Arkansas (formerly of Illinois) who was killed today in a shootout in Oxford Mississippi. According to US Marshals, Hunter Carlstrom was involved in a shootout after he was stopped by law enforcement. Witnesses stated Carlstrom exited a vehicle and began to exchange gunfire with officers, Carlstrom was killed and one US Marshal was shot twice but is expected to live.

According to the US Marshal Service, Carlstrom was wanted for questioning in the May 7th murder of 61 year old James Sartorelli of Smithville Arkansas.

Hunter Carlstrom had an extensive criminal record according to authorities. With over 30 charges ranging from theft to violent crimes and drug charges that covered numerous states.

Carlstrom was arrested in Minnesota for what authorities described as a “violent assault “ in 2015 after he and another suspect attacked a victim along I-694.

Carlstrom who had numerous Facebook accounts was known to post photos with firearms although he was a convicted felony. Even after he was convicted of Felon In Possession Of A Firearm he continued to boast about firearms and post photos.

The connection between Carlstrom and his victim have not been released by authorities at this time.

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