Statement released from the Lawrence County Assessors Office…
The Lawrence County courthouse is still open to the public but we urge you to not come in if it is something that can wait till a later date!!! We are down to only having one door open at this time and trying to keep everything as sanitized as we possibly can. We are asking you not to come not only for your safety but for ours also!! You can pay taxes, assess and buy car tags online!!! There is a drop box at the back of the courthouse that you can drop your taxes in. Following are the phone numbers to the offices in the courthouse if you have questions for those offices. We will try to resolve your issue over the phone.
Tax Assessor 870-886-1113
Tax Collector 870-886-1114
Treasure 870-886-1116
Circuit Clerk 870-886-1112
County Clerk 870-886-1111
County Judge 870-886-1110