In a ruling Monday January 6th, Pulaski County Judge Chris Piazza ordered Lawrence, Randolph, Sharp and Jackson County Election Commissioners to remove Judge Adam Weeks from the upcoming March election.

The ruling comes after a Randolph County resident, Judy Miller filed suit stating that Judge Weeks should be disqualified from running for the position of Circuit Judge due to misdemeanor hot check violations and a fictitious tag charge which occurred in the early 1990’s. 

According to Judge Piazza’s ruling, Weeks did not enter a guilty plea on the insufficient checks yet instead forfeited his bond but did enter and admit guilt in the fictitious tag charge which is considered fraudulent and by standards in the Arkansas Constitution stating that you can not hold an “Office of Trust” in the State of Arkansas. Judge Piazza also stated that if Weeks had plead guilty on the hot check cases, these would have also been enough to remove him from the election ballot.

Judge Piazza’s final statement in his ruling states “Respondent, Judge Adam Weeks is to be removed from the ballot and not considered for the judicial office of Third Judicial District, Division Three, Circuit Judge in the upcoming March 2020 election. IT IS SO ORDERED.The order was signed 1-6-2020 nd filed in the Pulaski County Circuit Court.Judge Adam Weeks plans to appeal the ruling.

See entire court filing below.