On June 29th, 2019 a Lawrence County family’s life was forever changed when they received the news that their son, Chris Robinson was fatally shot and killed at a residence on the property of Lake Charles State Park. Nearly six months later that same family has as many questions today as they did on that humid June morning.

We have reached out to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, who is handling the case, to see if there have been any updates or progress in the investigation. Note: If any updates are received or any information released we will update this article to include that information.

A change.org website has been set up by friends of the Robinson family in an effort to bring attention to Chris Robinson’s unsolved murder. We encourage you to visit that link. Justice for Chris Robinson .

We are also placing this link on the front page of Imboden Live, in an effort to help the family gain signatures and support.

Here are the facts as we know them today.

  • There were three adults who all knew each other inside the female park employees’ residence.
  • Chris Robinson was fatally shot twice inside that residence.
  • A certified copy of the Arkansas medical examiners report provided by the Robinson family states Chris Robinson was shot in both his chest and in his back.
  • Chris Robinson was unarmed.
  • No one in the residence had any wounds, there was no sign of a struggle, and there were no signs of forced entry.
  • The male subject who shot Chris Robinson was briefly questioned and released without charges by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The female involved was briefly questioned, released by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and immediately transferred by the Arkansas State Parks to a new position at another state park.
  • We also know initially the Arkansas State Police was requested to conduct the investigation. Two members of the ASP criminal investigation division were on scene but for unforeseen reasons the investigation was turned back over to local authorities.

It’s a known fact that Chris Robinson had been in a relationship with the female park employee. Chris Robinson lived directly across the street from the entrance to the state park and was known to frequently be an invited guest at that residence.

The family of Chris Robinson has been told that the investigation is ongoing although local authorities know the identification of the shooter and the female, no charges have been filed. If this were a case of self defense and no charges were filed, the case would simply be closed. Chris Robinson’s family has not been able to retrieve his personal items including his cell phone, they haven’t been shown photographs of the crime scene, they have not been allowed to see texts, they have not been allowed to visit the crime scene, all due to the fact that this is considered an active investigation by local law enforcement.

The Robinson family disclosed a recent meeting with 3rd Judicial Prosecuting Attorney, Henry Boyce and his deputy prosecutors, the Robinson family has also retained legal counsel. It is our hope, to simply shed light on this case and make the public aware of one family’s much needed closure.

Chris Robinson was a vibrant, healthy, all American young man. He was a father to two small children, he was a son, he was a brother, and he was a friend, whose family deserves closure. We appreciate the time given to us by the Robinson family, we also appreciate that they shared the details of this case with us. Although some of the details were obviously painful, the Robinsons’ maintained that “this is all about Chris” .