The Jonquils will remain

As I was driving to work today, on this cold and blustery day, with trees still bare and no color anywhere, I see a clump of bright yellow in a field with nothing there, no driveway or house just the jonquils clumped about. Jonquils have arrived again, while winter still has a final grasp on our season. The old home place is gone and long since has rotted away but you can always count on the pretty jonquils, because the jonquils will remain.

Our family and friends have all died as we will some day and though we miss them throughout the year there will always be a reminder of them and us because the jonquils will remain. There may be snow on the ground and our gardens have to wait, the yellow jonquils will rise above the white, because the jonquils will remain.
Gone are the hangouts, now drive through is the rage, the Drive-ins and country stores, with old folks around a wood stove are no more, the old wood or brick buildings with signs of Coke, Tobacco, or Feed are gone, replaced by metal buildings and module structures galore, and the gravel roads of how we used to get there are now four lane highways or more. But if you happen by an old home place with nothing standing in the way on a cold late winter day, you might see a clump of pretty yellow because the jonquils will remain.

by James M. McLeod
March 7, 2018

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