What started as a routine rainy Thursday morning for Imboden Assistant Chief Joe Chappell quickly became a busy day for him and responders in the Imboden and Ravenden area.

Shortly after 8 am, Chappell responded with an ambulance to a medical call on Muddy Lane just outside Imboden. As they were clearing the scene, a second medical call was received by the Lawrence County Dispatch Center in the Annieville area. Chappell along with other responders from the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department responded to assist a second ambulance. The patient in Annieville was loaded onto the ambulance and sent to a Jonesboro hospital.

Just as Imboden responders cleared the scene, a 3rd call was received for another medical call in Ravenden. AET Ambulance and Ravenden responders were requested to Nettleton Street. Chappell who was in route back to Imboden asked the ambulance service if they needed extra help, the medics advised they had the situation under control. No sooner did that radio traffic end, the ambulance advised dispatch that they had an accident just north of Imboden.

Joe Chappell immediately responded to the overturned ambulance, once on scene he requested the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department to respond for traffic control reporting their were no injuries in the accident but one lane of Hwy 63 was blocked. Chappell then left the scene and headed to Ravenden to assist the responders from the Ravenden Volunteer Fire Department with their medical call. Chappell notified Lawrence County Dispatch that with the traffic hazard in Imboden they were going to need an ambulance from Spring River Ambulance to respond from Sharp County to the Ravenden call.

Spring River Ambulance arrived on scene in Ravenden and Chappell left the scene headed back to the ambulance accident where he assisted with traffic control until the roadway was cleared and traffic was opened back up.

The ambulance accident was investigated by the Arkansas State Police, Dail’s Wrecker Service of Ravenden removed the wreckage. No injuries were reported in the accident.

For more information on the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department visit www.imbodenarkansas.com .

Our thanks to Joe Chappell and all the volunteer responders in our area for the job they do!