Investigators from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office are working with Greene County after the Greene County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest involving several thefts, some from Lawrence County.

According to Detective Sgt. Jamie White, Lawrence County Investigators traveled to Greene County to interview 32 year old Marcus Grant of Paragould after he was arrested and was in possession of items stolen from Lawrence County.

Grant is currently in the Greene County Jail on Charges of Theft by Receiving, Possession of a Firearm by certain persons, Fleeing and Public Intoxication. A stolen Polaris ATV and stolen gun were recovered in the arrest, Sgt. White said the ATV was stolen from an address on Hwy 34, Lawrence County Investigators have obtained a warrant for Marcus Grant and placed a hold on the suspect. In an interview with Lawrence County Detectives, Grant confessed to the crimes. Grant will be moved to Lawrence County where he faces additional charges.

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