Friday night 2 Free concerts @ Center Stage in the Town Center:
At 6pm Doug Deforest will perform his new album-Carry On.
At 8pm The Zac Dunlap Band will perform their Spring Tour- Summer’s Comin’.
Saturday morning from 7am-11am Kiwanis will hold their annual Pancake Breakfast outside the Town Hall.
From 8am-11am The Spring River Farmers Market will launch it’s 2017 season, offering goods that are grown, produced, handmade or crafted locally or regionally.
Sunday night @ 7pm Cinema @ The Center will be showing Top Gun which will be free admission.
Thank you to our sponsors; Village Adventures, The Cherokee Village Community Developer and Cox Power Sports!
Light concessions will be availible for purchase Friday & Sunday night provided by Shaved Ice; offering shaved ice, nachos & cheese, popcorn & bag cotton.
For advance purchase of pancake breakfast phone Trisha on 870.378.2741 All proceeds for the pancakes go to Kiwanis