Lawrence County Investigators are still developing suspects and leads involving the May 13th break in at the Strawberry One Stop and Shelia’s in Lynn. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Jamie White said the department was still developing leads into the two stores that were burglarized on the same night.

According to Sgt. White the department believes that between the times of 1 am and 2:30 am the two stores were broken into. Investigators believe that Shelia’s in Lynn was the first of the two incidents that took place that night, White stated that some type of pry bar was used to bypass the door lock, then the criminals went straight for the safe and stole the money. Cameras caught three individuals that wore concealing clothing enter the store, go straight to the safe and then exit within minutes.

Investigators say they believe the same individuals then traveled to the Strawberry One Stop where some type of grinder was used to cut through a back wall, the individuals again went straight to the safe and stole only the money from the business.

Investigators say they did process some physical evidence that has been sent to the Arkansas State Police Crime Lab in Little Rock.

Lawrence County Investigators are working with other agencies with similar crimes including Independence County, Jackson County and Myrtle Missouri. No vehicle description was available for the incidents in Lawrence County but Detective White did say that there may possibly be other details released if it is found that the crimes in the other counties are related.

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