After Lawrence County was hit with freezing rain and several inches of snow, road conditions are a big concern for many.

Reports indicate that Hwy 63 towards Jonesboro are mostly clear but as always we caution about the occasional patch of ice. According to the Lawrence County Dispatch, Hwy 115 and 117 are still snow covered but the Arkansas Highway Department are in route to clear those roads.

Mayor Charles Snapp of Walnut Ridge stated that crews in Walnut Ridge began clearing efforts around 4:30 am this morning and as of 10:30 am the mayor reports about 90 percent of the streets are clear. Mayor Snapp stated the city was using two plows to clear the city streets and using sand as well on slick spots.

Hoxie Fire Chief Chris Ditto stated that the City of Hoxie was in the process of clearing snow covered streets, Chief Ditto commended the cities efforts for clearing the fire departments driveway so emergency vehicles could respond to calls around the city.

County Judge Dale Freeman has the Lawrence County Road Department graders out in the county, most county roads are snow and ice covered, travel is still considered hazardous at this time.

Wrecker services from Lawrence County have stayed very bust according to reports from Shane Dail of Dail’s Wrecker Service and Jared Brooks of Cook’s Wrecker Service. Shane Dail stated they had been very busy keeping traffic flowing around the Lawrence/Sharp County line on Hwy 63. Jared Brooks of Cook’s Wrecker stated the Black Rock area had their service busy throughout the night.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies as well as Arkansas State Police have responded to numerous calls around the county in the last 24 hours including one fatality accident on Hwy 63 near Lawrence 703 last night.