Mayor Charles Snapp pf the City of Walnut Ridge announced on the city Facebook page that he has made contact with several officials in an effort to have city surveys updated in an effort to possibly lower insurance rates, raise property values and lift some zoning restrictions therefore attracting residents and businesses alike.

Mayor Snapp contacted U.S. Senator Boozman, Senator Tom Cotton and Representative Crawford in an effort to possibly secure funding to re-survey the city. Fire Chief Frank Owens, County Judge Dale Freeman, Office of Emergency Management Director Buddy Williams and Flood Plan Manager Peggy Miles have all been notified and support the mayor’s plans with intentions to assist in any way possible.

On Wednesday Mayor Snapp took Office Of Emergency Management Director Buddy Williams on a tour around the town explaining the potential for construction projects if the re-survey lifted restrictions on parts of the town. Improvements over the years have made these zones less likely to flood, Snapp explained that some of these areas have never flooded.

Mayor Snapp stated “Personally I feel confident the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) will be lowered and more land will become suitable for building and Flood Insurance rates will be lowed, IF, repeat “IF” I am correct. From all the research and conversations I have had since taking office, I feel quite confident I am right. Now to get FEMA to agree with re-surveying. Thus the support needed from Washington!”
“This process will take a year or more, before we can determine the exact cost involved. At that point I will asked the City Council to move forward with the efforts to seek relief from what I feel are outrageous restrictions that present an economic hardship on the City of WR and many of our residents. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s get Walnut Ridge re-surveyed. Again, this is a long process, but now that process has been started! “

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