Chief Chris Kirksey today released the new designs for the Walnut Ridge Police Department, new tactical type uniforms will replace the former dress uniforms making the officers daily duties more comfortable and new patch designs along with new designs on the patrol cars will give the department a fresh look.

One thing that people are sure to notice the “In God We Trust” being placed on the rear of each car. Kirksey stated the department needed the changes saying the WRPD design had not been updated since the early 1990’s. The department patch shows the American Flag with the “Thin Blue Line” running through it signifying law enforcement. Kirksey noted the vehicle decals are all reflective not just the stripes, this helps gives the department a proactive approach according to the Chief. Chief Kirksey went ot say that all of the “In God We Trust” decals purchased for the vehicles were paid for by private donors not costing the City of Walnut Ridge anything.

Kirksey says he hopes the vehicles will all be completed for this weekends Beatles at the Ridge Festival, the first vehicle was completed today.

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