At noon on Monday the Lawrence County Dispatch received several 911 calls reporting power lines down on SW Alice Street in Hoxie. Hoxie Police and Hoxie Fire were called to the scene to discover a semi truck had pulled down several lines including a transformer that came crashing down into the parking lot. Summer classes were being held in the building closest to the parking lot, power was lost to the building. Several lines were on top of vehicles in the parking lots and on top of the semi truck with the driver inside.

Hoxie Fire arrived on scene and advised the school students would need to be moved from the area, the fire department along with the police department sealed off the area. Representatives from Entergy were called to the accident along with the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services. The transformer crashed to the ground causing the fluid contained to leak into the parking lot, the transformer contained an estimated 15 to 20 gallons of oil. Entergy contacted an environmental clean up agency from Memphis to clean up the spill.

Firefighters were on scene for several hours until the spill was contained and cleaned, no students were injured in the incident. Entergy replaced the effected equipment and power was restored. The driver of the semi truck was not injured in the incident.