On Saturday, the Hoxie Police Department was busy trying to capture a pit bull after a child was bitten by an apparent stray dog, the child was transported to a local hospital for treatment of injuries. 

Mayor Charles Snapp took to social media concerning a growing problem around the county. Snapp praised the local animal clinics recent expansion but stated to readers that time and space are limited when it comes to the stray population explaining that Walnut Ridge, Hoxie and Black Rock no longer have a dog pound. Mayor Snapp also added that without a dog pound or humane shelter the expense of stray dogs will become a problem. 

Mayor Snapp is asking for input not only from Walnut Ridge but all from Lawrence County, the Mayor also ask about those willing to volunteer their time to such an effort. Snapp stated that the goal is to offer this type of service without additional expenses or taxes to residents. If you have positive input to offer in this situation Mayor Snapp would like to hear from you.

The City Of Walnut Ridge maintains a Facebook account that you can leave your ideas and comments, https://www.facebook.com/walnutridgearkansas

The following is Mayor Charles Snapps Recent Post:

WR has a loose dog problem, as do other towns in Lawrence County. Our animal clinic moved to a new location and expanded and is growing to the point they are including a large animal surgery center. That in itself is a HUGE boost for the entire county, especially Walnut Ridge, but it limits the available time and space to take care of stray dogs. Thus WR, Hoxie and Black Rock no longer have a dog pound. 
Yesterday, Saturday April 4 there was another pit bull attach in Hoxie. The young child will hopefully recover without major trauma or emotions, but the point remains the same, we do not have a dog pound or humane shelter in this county. WR cannot afford the expense by ourselves, nor can any other town, or the county. All together the expenses cannot be added to the budgets of the communities, without adding taxes. Personally, I prefer to avoid taxes, which means we need volunteers and some sort of plan. 
I’m wondering how many people might share their thoughts on our problem and how many might volunteer to help if we started a county pound that could end up as an animal shelter? 
We’re talking feeding animals, scooping poop, walking dogs and looking for adoption homes. This isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling, it will be work and we need input from people dedicated to helping the county/cities and the animals. 
Personally, I would appreciate hearing your input.
Charles Snapp