2015 Fire Protection Memberships are due by property owners in Lawrence and Randolph Counties who reside within the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department response area.

Membership fees are $36.00 per year, per residence, business, church, or property site.

Response by the Imboden VFD to non-member residents in the fire response area for any type of fire will carry a fixed rate of $500 per response.

There will be no charge for a first response call that is not connected with a fire.

The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department is primarily responsible for the Town of Imboden and will not guarantee a response, unless manpower and equipment are available.

2015 dues are payable through January 31, 2015 and should be mailed to

Imboden Volunteer Firefighters Association, Inc.  P.O. Box 487 Imboden Arkansas 72434.

Residents who live within the city limits have their fire dues on their water bills.

For more information about the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department visit- www.imbodenarkansas.com