The meeting was held in the Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools Parent Center. The meeting was called to order by April Rainwater at 6:00pm.

Old Business

1. Treausrer Report- Amanda Stallings gave the treasury report. Jennifer accepted the treasury report. Darla Miles seconded it.
2. Amanda Stallings reported that our profit from the Car Show in Aug. was $696.41.

2. Valerie Matheny read the PTE achievements from the 2013-2014 school year.

New Business
1. Discuss that we will be having a canned food drive at the black and gold games Oct. 13. Need Volunteers

2. April asked if the PTE would reimburse her for popsicles for Mega Party. Amanda Stallings made motion to reimburse April. Valerie Matheny seconded.

3. Jennifer Dail made a motion that we do the Christmas ornaments this year, Valerie Matheny seconded.

4. Discuss the plans for the year, we are look at doing a shoe drive this year.

All members enjoyed the food that was brought.

Meeting adjourned at 6:22p.m., Amanda Stallings made a motion to close the meeting, seconded Valerie Matheny
Next meeting October 20, 2014. Sonic supplied everyone that attended with coupons. Wendy’s supplied everyone with Frosty keychains.